play around

1) PHRASAL VERB If you play around, you behave in a silly way to amuse yourself or other people. [INFORMAL]

[V P] Stop playing around and eat!...

[V P] There was no doubt he was serious, it wasn't just playing around...

[V P with n] Had he taken the keys and played around with her car?

mess about, fool around
2) PHRASAL VERB If you play around with a problem or an arrangement of objects, you try different ways of organizing it in order to find the best solution or arrangement. [INFORMAL]

[V P with n] I can play around with the pictures in all sorts of ways to make them more eye-catching.

3) PHRASAL VERB If someone plays around, they have sex with people other than the person they are married to or having a serious relationship with. [INFORMAL]

[V P] Up to 75 per cent of married men may be playing around...

[V P with n] Robert was playing around with another woman.

4) See also play

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